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As a key resource every company can benefit from, continuous improvement can aid in the progression and growth of a business by identifying products, services or processes that can be improved. From small businesses to large organisations, utilising a Continuous Improvement Tool will allow your company to reach new heights of success by targeting those areas that could be preventing your business from taking that significant next step.

Essentially, the main principles of Continuous Improvement used by businesses and organisations all around the world are:

  • Rather than making temporary fixes, start improving the issue to make a more permanent solution
  • Typically, the best practices are the ones you already have in place
  • Changing your behaviour is often more beneficial than changing a process
  • If you’re not constantly failing, you aren’t trying

Through our Continuous Improvement Tool, we guarantee you will be able to get insight into your own business improvements.

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ICTAudit 3 1

What Can a Continuous Improvement Tool Do for My Business?

At BC360, our team has developed a straightforward Continuous Improvement Tool that will allow any business or organisation to identify and raise any aspects of their business that could be improved on. Linked to the change management process, CI will allow you to identify, document, approve and implement changes to suit that specific part of your business. Through a state-of-the-art cloud-based SaaS tool, BC360’s clients will be able to find these opportunities for improvement when required, ensuring their business stays on top of any lingering issues as often as possible.

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Cost of DR to AU organisations (in Billions)

Organisations without a DR plan (%)

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How Do I Use a Continuous Improvement Tool to Its Fullest Capabilities?

Utilising a Continuous Improvement Tool will give you the best possible chance at sustaining and growing your business for a more successful future. Additionally, CI can be added to BC360’s Risk Matrix tool for easier reporting, which is part of our suite of apps. Through our CI module, companies using our Continuous Improvement Tool can also add them in from any self-paced Report that they have generated using BC360 Auditing tools.

To find out more about how our Continuous Improvement Tool can help your business, please reach out and chat with a member of our consulting team today.

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