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As one of the best ways to establish or evaluate your current Business Continuity Plan, the BC360 Audit Tool will ensure every aspect of your operation is covered, especially in case of any interruptions or faults in your business. The BCP Audit Tool will ensure your systems are running securely, while our disaster recovery service will prepare you in the event of a failure or breach by an external threat. The BCP Audit Tool will also allow companies to anonymously compare their operation to similar organisations in the same field.

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How Will A BCP Audit Tool Help My Business?

As an Australian made application designed by BC360, the Business Continuity Audit and DR Tool will ensure your company has the right systems in place to safeguard your operation in the future. Essentially, the BCP Audit Tool will help your capture knowledge, therefore ensuring your business recovers quicker after an outage, preparing you for any other system faults in the future.

When companies experience major shifts in their organisational or business operation, their BCP and DR will change along with it. As such, it is important that you utilise the BCP Audit Tool and review your DR and BC plans regularly to reflect any personnel or company changes. An example of a key shift that can change the course of your BC or DR is when a key employee or executive leaves your organisation.

AU Organisations with mature DR (%)

Cost of DR to AU organisations (in Billions)

Organisations without a DR plan (%)

Average downtime due to DR (hours)

What is Involved in an Online Business Continuity Tool?

At BC360, our Online Business Continuity Tool will allow businesses to perform BCP audits whenever they want, but we recommend it every quarter. Signing up to our Business Continuity Audit Subscription service, guarantees you will experience convenience like never before. This Online Business Continuity Tool can be used to perform multiple audits, helping to keep your business on track for a smoother and more secure future.

To find out more about our Online Business Continuity Tool and Subscriptions, please call our team at BC360 a n 0480 030 360 today.

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Is your business ready for a Business Continuity Audit? Do you have a Response Plan?

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