Privacy Audit Tool

Designed as a self-paced auditing solution, a privacy audit tool will give you the ability to review the various parts of your company that pertain to the privacy and security of your operation.

The privacy audit tool will be able to ensure your business is correctly in alignment with the 13 Australian Privacy Principles, which govern the standards, rights and obligations of a company operating in Australia. These include the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, the governance and accountability of an organisation, the integrity and adjustment of personal information and finally, the rights of said individuals to access their personal information.

While the privacy audit tool was made to allow companies to conduct a self-paced audit of their company, our consultants here at BC360 can also assist you through the process if necessary.

ICTAudit 3 1
ICTAudit 3 1

What Does A Privacy Audit Tool Involve?

At BC360, the results generated from our Privacy Audit Tool will vary from business to business. depending on the industry, size of the operation and several other variables, your privacy audit should be completed to the exact needs and specifications o your company. For the most part however, a privacy audit will generally be a report containing the following key results:

  • A description of the policies and practices of the organisation, which relate to privacy and information management
  • A “map” of privacy principles and acts that apply to the organisation
  • Detecting risk areas in the privacy control environment
  • Identifying gaps in the compliance of privacy principles

AU Organisations with mature DR (%)

Cost of DR to AU organisations (in Billions)

Organisations without a DR plan (%)

Average downtime due to DR (hours)

How Can A Privacy Audit Tool Help Improve My Business?

As one of the best ways to safeguard the privacy of your company and employees, a Privacy Audit Tool will ensure your business is aligned with the correct APPs, preventing any breaches of this act in the future. At BC360, we highly recommend performing a privacy audit frequently, as it will keep your business up to date while highlighting any gaps in your privacy compliance measures that can be fixed as soon as they arise.

To find out more about our easy to use Privacy Audit Tool, please give our BC360 team a call on 0480 030 360 today.

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