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As the financial component of an IT Audit, Managed Service Provider Audits will provide Perth based businesses with a complete overview of their current MSP and the services they are providing. At BC360, our consultants can perform an audit of your Managed Service Provider on your behalf, reviewing several different variables that contribute to the security of your business.

The focus of an MSP review will include the following components:

  • Checking if unnecessarily expensive and/or old technology is being used
  • Checking if the appropriate backup recovery is being performed
  • Who has access to the backup information?
  • Where is the backup stored?
  • Financial or budget reviews
  • Evaluation of value for money

Our BC360 consultants can also complete a review of the generated report should you wish to engage us.

Professional MSP Audits in Perth

When it comes to finding a reliable and efficient team to assist with Managed Service Provider Audits in Perth, our BC360 consultants are the experts you can trust to perform a comprehensive audit of your MSP. Our priority is to review the status and contribution of your MSP to your business, ensuring they are delivering on their promises and keeping your systems up to date and secure.

As one of the fundamental aspects of an MSP is to safeguard your data, our team will confirm they have the appropriate disaster recovery service in place, ensuring your systems can be restored as soon as possible in the event of an emergency. Managed Service Provider Audits are perfect for Perth businesses that do not have an internal IT department, as it will allow them to analyse the contribution of their current MSP.

Please contact our BC360 team today to enquire about our MSP auditing services.

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