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Are you looking to undertake a self-paced audit for your business? Designed to ensure companies can undertake an independent review of their operation, an ICT Audit Tool will offer you freedom and flexibility like no other auditing tool available on the market. The ICT Audit Tool will also allow your IT staff to review your systems as often as necessary. However, smaller businesses that do not have an internal IT department can reach out to our BC360 consultants, who can perform an audit on your behalf through our IT Audit Tool.

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ICTAudit 3 1

What Does an IT Audit Tool Involve?

When it comes to ICT risks, implementing an IT Self Auditing Tool will ensure your company gets well prepared in the event of a disaster. At BC360, our IT Audit Tool will help companies locate, identify, and prevent risks from damaging the systems that support their operation. Conducting an IT Audit Tool through your business can also help you examine the management controls within an IT infrastructure, ensuring that the proper safeguards are in place to protect the data and integrity of your business.

Essentially, an IT Self Auditing Tool will show you whether your system is operating efficiently while also revealing parts of your business that need to be improved if otherwise. Performing periodic reviews of your business with an IT Self Auditing Tool will ensure you have a constant, up-to-date overview of the critical variables such as the efficiency, costs, service levels, and risk profile of your business alignment.

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Cost of DR to AU organisations (in Billions)

Organisations without a DR plan (%)

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How Can a SaaS Tool Help in ICT Audits?

As a cloud-based software, a SaaS Tool is a service that will allow the user to deliver applications over the internet. As all our auditing tools are cloud-based, BC360 has the SaaS Tool in place for our ICT Audits. Rest assured all the information is stored in Australia in Microsoft Azure. If you’re looking for a set of SaaS auditing tools that are hosted locally in Australia, BC360 has your business covered.

To find out more about IT Self Auditing Tools or to make an enquiry about our SaaS Tool systems for your ICT Audits, please give our team here at BC360 a call on 0480 030 360 today.

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