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In the event of a pandemic, businesses have a key role to play in reducing the risk to their employee’s health and safety, as well as maintaining essential operations. Given the highly uncertain nature of a pandemic, it is unknown in advance how serious it will be and who will be most affected. It is therefore important that plans are developed which can address a range of scenarios.

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To assist you in developing and reviewing plans, Business Continuity BC360 developed a 100 point checklist. We continually collatee and review information from various sources. For the most up-to-date information about the global pandemic events and statistics, please visit the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Our checklist identifies essential and specific activities that organisations should undertake to prepare for a pandemic. Hence, the Pandemic Response Plan checklist is suitable for companies and organisations of all sizes. In saying that, companies can choose which sections are applicable and used by your particular organisation. The Australian Government provides more general guidance –  Australian Government – Department of Health or more specific information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Pandemic Response Plan BC360 provides organisations or teams with a set of questions and activities logically grouped.  Those sections need to get allocated to internal staff members for action. Furthermore, the Pandemic Response Plan once completed, identifies areas that require additional attention and coordination.

Pandemic throughout the world continually evolves, new information and resources are coming to light. Hence, we continuously update the Pandemic Response Plan. Furthermore, our team continually reviews and updates the system as new information becomes available. Moreover, we decided that once you gain access to the system, you can to use multiple modules. An active subscription includes free system upgrades within 12 months.

Developing & Reviewing Your Organisational Pandemic Plan

As the impact of COVID 19 continues to grow, with many countries in lockdown, economic future uncertain, and people everywhere dealing with a new reality, business continuity is under scrutiny.

According to website:

Most organisations will have invoked their business continuity strategies and on a scale and at a pace never imagined previously. You are probably participating in daily video conferences from your home office, making decisions. Decisions on how to keep your employees safe, customers support, and revenue streams flowing where possible all while following new policies enforced around the world.

Whether you created a pandemic plan over the past few weeks or whether you already had a strong plan in place,  BCI Partner  ClearView together with Assurance produced a white paper. It will assist you in validating your pandemic capabilities, plans, and strategies.

This is a practical document which aims to capture pandemic planning lessons learned and present them in a way which will assist you to sense-check your arrangements.

To obtain the white paper, please go to

This is an Australian made application.


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Is your business ready for a Pandemic? Do you have a Response Plan?

Check out our Response Plan checklist and see how prepared are you.
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